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10" LCD Board & Magnetic Pad BUNDLE


Awesome as a literacy tool in the class, at home, out and about and in the car.

10" LCD board 

These are amazing. Especially good for homework/remote learning & supported learning sessions! If you remember the etch-a-sketch (I AM that old) of the 70/80's - well this is similar in concept but WAAAAY better. Using the stylus you 'write' on the board creating numbers/letters/pictures/games. If wanting to try again, just hit the delete button (if in unlock mode) and it gives you a blank screen again.

Lock/Unlock screen button at back. Allows the user to write on the board and simply press the button and it all disappears. Has a replaceable battery in top. It is wonderful for doing sums, writing on, drawing or playing games. Multi sensory tool to assist with learning and fun! Saves on paper too.

Also great for a communication tool for those with hearing or speech difficulties.

Helps reduce the frustration of error as at the touch of a button the screen deletes. Especially great for those struggling with writing and literacy.

Kaiko literally trialled over a dozen to find a supplier with one with the quality screen, round stylus, and functionality they were happy with. These have a rounder stylus (most others have a flat stylus) which makes them great for those still developing pen grip or have hand function difficulties.

The board has a space on it to clip the stylus into. Alternatively, you can tie the stylus onto board with a ribbon or clip it onto a lanyard.

The battery is replaceable.

Magnetic Pad:

Magnetic Pad is a great multi-sensory literacy & drawing tool, a BEST SELLER!

Kaiko think these are even better than the push and pop its (so do our customers)! 

These are fabulous as an engaging tool. It was initially purchased for a pre & early primary years sensory and literacy support tool, however, we have found they are as popular for adults as for their kids!

Use the magnetic stylus to 'lift' the magnetic balls up. To depress them just run your finger over them. Super sensory & fun as well as educational.

When running your fingers over the little embedded balls it feels quite like popping bubble wrap... sooo satisfying.

Also fun to tilt it almost upside down and allow the 'beads' to fall into the holes and rub your hands over it. It gives a different sensation to using it the other way.

Great for multi sensory literacy training.

The Magnetic Pad magna board with magnetic pen gives inquisitive minds an opportunity to tap into their creativity and hours of fun and focus.

The board has 380 holes each containing a tiny (and secure) magnetic ball. When you pass the stylus across the top, the mini beads are drawn to the top creating your picture.

Write your name, tracing shapes, playing noughts and crosses, practising letters or sight words, drawing your own freestyle pictures or just playing.

When you’re finished or want to erase even one individual magnet, simply press down with your finger.

The magnetic stylus promotes pencil grip.

The Magnetic Board promotes learning and creativity. It also builds fine motor and hand eye skills.

The magnetic "pull” and the pushing when erasing provides input to the proprioceptive receptors in the muscles and joints of the hands.

We love that the Magnetic Board comes with a handle and storage for the pen. A sensible, practical design.

Suitable for 3 years+