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  • $5.85

    COLOURED PAPER - Exercise Books

    WRITER PREMIUM EXERCISE BOOKS A4 96 Page - coloured paper Premium quality 70gsm coloured paper, ruled on both sides. Lessens the symptoms caused by...

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  • $15.00

    Kaiko Cog

    A best seller - very compact and feels wonderful between the fingers. The rapid spin, is quiet and very satisfying. This Cog fidget, gives a soft v...

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  • $18.95

    Labyrinth Puzzle

    Great non tech brain and co-ordination skills activity, not to mention FUN! Move and rotate to try and get the little balls through the 'maze' and ...

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  • $27.95

    Orchard Game - Match and Spell

    Match and Spell encourages letter recognition, teaches phonetic word building and promotes matching of pictures and words. There are two ways to ...

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  • $33.95

    Orchard Game - Pass the Word

    A fast-paced game which makes spelling fun! Race against the timer to put together as many words as you can, but try to be quick...when the time r...

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  • $15.00

    Kaiko Fidget Magic Ball

    Magic Ball The bearing moves, as does the chain around it.  Feels great rolled between two hands or used one handed - the options are endless with ...

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  • $24.99

    Monkey Balance

    This game teaches basic counting and beginning math skills and encourages retention through stimulating multi-level math games. INTERACTIVE LEARNI...

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  • $19.95

    Vocabulary Fun

    This matching letter game helps develop memory skills, strategic thinking, sociability, word building, spelling and increases word recognition. The...

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  • $14.95

    Cognitive Tins - Games For Trips

    Multifunction Kids Travel interactive games - Educational smart toys  Montessori Intelligence Kids Education Toy -  Wooden Building Block Sets in...

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  • $26.50

    Math Balance

    Math Balance Students will easily grasp various number concepts because they can see the results! Display number relationships of equal to (=), gre...

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  • $56.95

    Junior GeoLand Pattern Set

    edx Education GeoLand Math Set - This set is great for developing and exploring: Science, Math and Art - Geometry, Reflections, Symmetry, Angles, F...

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  • $59.95

    10" LCD Board & Magnetic Pad BUNDLE

    Awesome as a literacy tool in the class, at home, out and about and in the car. 10" LCD board  These are amazing. Especially good for homework/remo...

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  • $79.95

    "The Works" Fidget Kit

    Try ALL seven best sellers in one tin! Save $25! “The Works Fidget Kit” has an amazing range of sensory tools in it, from the super soft ‘caterpill...

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  • $4.00

    Metal Puzzle

    There are 8 different design puzzles, and all at an ‘easy’ level. However, they still take skill and thought, but they are not impossible and don’t...

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  • $10.00

    Cube 2 x 2

    This is an awesome sensory puzzle - great for little hands (or big ones)! The challenging cube is a great one for in the car and it is NON tech in ...

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  • $14.95

    Cube Spinner

    A cube and a spinner in one!  This is an awesome take on the fidget spinner. It rotates like a spinner easily in one hand and functions like a Rubi...

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  • $11.95

    Caomaru Japanese Anti-stress human vent balls

    These genuine Caomaru face stress balls came in black and they feel amazing, squishy and super satisfying. You can mould, poke, pull, squish, and/o...

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  • $3.00

    Jelly Squishy Mochi Animals

    These feel super soft and squishy but are not sticky like many other jelly animals Random animal sent in the colour of choice.

  • $7.95

    Kaiko Fidget Custom made Lanyard

    The Lanyard can hold a number of fidgets in D shackle with a detachable section. This is a great addition if purchasing fidgets.  Keeps fidgets sa...

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  • $12.00

    Magic Ball Cube

    A great educational and fun activity! This is a wonderful sensory puzzle that is achievable to solve from 4 years and up. Move the inner balls, (i...

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  • $39.95

    Kaiko Infinity Hand Rollers Metallic 180gm in zip case

    Metallic180gm in zip case  These are the newest editions to the Hand Roller range. They are beautifully weighted and smooth and slightly shorter an...

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  • $19.95

    Kaiko Spikey for the Wrist

    WRIST SPIKEY - Sensory tool for anxiety and can assist with harm minimisation. Made of stretchy metal with small, large and extra large sizes avai...

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  • $29.95

    Magnetic Writing & Drawing Pad

    A great multi-sensory literacy tool. These are a fabulous, engaging tool. They were initially purchased as a tool for the pre and early primary sch...

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  • $22.95

    Magic Block Strategy Game

    Hours of fun!